The Galifrey Permaculture Project commenced in July 2004 when we moved to our 96 Ha (250 acres) property outside Braidwood, NSW, Australia.

We run a commercial herd of alpacas and have designed and managed our property using permaculture principles.  We have made significant improvements in the soil, pasture and water movement on our property, using only natural techniques and organic fertilisers.  Our orchard and vegetable gardens provide food and other living materials for ourselves and our community. Our property is a permaculture demonstration site showing the application of permaculture principles in a dry, temperate climate in Australia, with a commercial alpaca herd.

The permaculture principles we seek to apply at our farm are:

■  Care of the earth - incorporates all thinking about climate change, no pollution, natural resource management.

■  Care of the people - acceptance that the environment also needs to support the people who live it.

■  Return of the surplus to the system - no waste, no greed.

If you are interested in visiting the property and seeing the permaculture principles applied here, please contact us.

 If you are interested in learning more about permaculture - visit the Permaculture Research Institute website.

For more information on the Galifrey Permaculture Project download this file

For more information on permaculture principles and alpaca farming download this article

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