Jen has been thoroughly captivated with Saori weaving since attending the Sturt Winter School in 2014.  She has since purchased her own Saori loom and attended the Winter School again in 2015 to enhance her knowledge and refine some of her techniques.

Saori is an approach to weaving that is based on a philosophy of creativity and free expression.

 For more information on Saori weaving have a look at Kaz Madigan's site.

Jen has been doing a range of projects including scarves, runners and jackets using a combination of fibres including our own alpaca.  Some images of her recent work are in the photo gallery below.


Kaz Madigan will be joining us at Galifrey to conduct a two day Saori Weaving Workshop on 12 - 13March 2016.

This is a great way to get an introduction to Saori Weaving, or to enhance your knowledge and techniques.

The worskhop will be held over a weekend in the Studio on our farm and promises to be a great opportunity to learn and work with like minded people in a relaxing and beautiful country environment.  There are a number of local accommodation options available, either in Braidwood or the surrounding district.

Details of the workshop are in the flyer that can be downloaded here.

Kaz Madigan Workshop A4 Flyer.pdf Kaz Madigan Workshop A4 Flyer.pdf
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